About Us

Pain is often the number one reason a person will seek treatment from a physician as well as a main contributor to employee absenteeism in the workplace.

Pain is the number one reason patients go to see a physician and for missed work. Anesthesiologists have led the development of newer and more effective treatments for pain in the specialty of Pain Medicine. 


At Anesthesia Pain Consultants of Indiana, Dr. Ratzman is fellowship-trained and board certified in Pain Medicine and Pain Management, and board certified in Anesthesiology. During nearly five years he spent with the largest neurosurgical group in the United States, he developed an extensive knowledge base and unique understanding of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for pain. 


He continues to work closely with Central Indiana’s top physicians, using his expertise to identify the source of pain in order to determine treatment in the most compassionate and patient-focused manner possible. This allows for decreased cost of medical care, improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.