Weight Lifting: Use Proper Technique and See Results Without Pain

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It should be no secret that improper lifting technique will lead to back pain, leg pain, and arm pain. Poor technique can also cause serious injury and chronic pain. If you want to make weight lifting part of your workout regimen, learning to lift with proper technique is crucial for faster results and the avoidance of pain.

Here are some quick tips for avoiding pain:

Think about what you are going to do before you do it.
Plan your movements to avoid twisting or collisions that could lead to injury. Practice your lifting motion prior to your lifting attempt.

Lift close to your body.
It is easier to balance when holding a heavy object closer to your body rather than further away. Awkward, off-balance, movements could lead to twisting and straining.

Tighten your stomach muscles.
Flexing your stomach will help keep your back straight and take the force away from your spine.

Feet should be shoulder-width apart.
Stability is key when lifting weights. Placing your feet too close together will throw you off-balance. Placing them too far apart with prevent a full range of movement.

Use your legs.
As you lower weights or yourself to the ground, bend your knees, not your back. Keeping your eyes focused upwards helps to keep your back straight. Bending your back is sure to lead to back pain.

Lift with a partner.
Working out is always more fun with a friend. When lifting weights, you need to make sure you have someone close by in case you strain or bite off more than you can chew.

Category: Back Pain Tags: back pain